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TUV grants ISO 9001 to cement company

The cement industry, which is producing high quality products with huge export potential, can further become cost effective by implementing international efficient quality management systems including the ISO 9001, which is also the world’s best-known quality management standard and the most widely used leadership model, based on a philosophy of continuous improvement.

This was observed by Rashid Mehr, CEO TUV Austria BIC, during a ceremony to award ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification to a cement company.

Addressing the ceremony, Rashid Mehr said that cement sector’s high growth is expected due to strong revival in real-estate sector and return of various local and international developers like UAE’s Emaar.

“An ISO 9001 certificate indicates that your company is functioning effectively in a systematic and customer-oriented way.
Yearly audits function as the basis for further development and keep the certificate valid,” he said.

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